Address details

VNU Exhibitions Europe 
P.O.Box 8800 
3503 RV Utrecht - the Netherlands 
Telephone: +31 30 295 2788 


 ASTI Group Exhibition Company
 Barklay Street, 6/5
 Barklay Plaza Business Centre
 121087  Moscow
 Telephone: +7 495 797 69 14
 Fax: + 7 495 797 69 15


VIV teams 
You are welcome to contact us with your questions and bookings. VIV Russia has a team located in the Netherlands and a team located in Russia. 

The VIV team in the Netherlands has an international focus. International visitors, i.e. outside of Russia, can approach this VIV team in the Netherlands with their questions. Visitors from Russia can contact the VIV team in Russia. 

Local agents 
VIV works with local agents throughout the world. Do you have questions or would you prefer information in your native language? You are welcome to contact one of our local agents.